Motorcycle Swingarm Spools, Motorcycle Swingarm Bobbins, Motorcycle Rear Axle Block Spools

Motorcycle swingarm spools, although they may be small, actually do a great deal for your bike. They protect the swingarm and rear axle in the event of a crash. Depending on the design, many of these sliders act as spools to allow the use of a paddock stand with hooks to have routine maintenance.

Swingarm spools are not the sort of upgrade that will be noticed by everyone you drive by, but those that do will see that you really know your stuff when it comes to bikes and how to improve them while making them safer. Plus, because these motorcycle swing am spool accessories can be installed in about 10 minutes, you won't have to be off of your bike and the roads for that long while you make the upgrade.

Our swingarm spools have different design, includes but not limite to style, color, material. Please browser our selection of swingarm spools and if you have any quesions, just feel free to contact us.

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