About Us

XcelMoto - NO.1 Favorite Premium Motorcycle Fairings Producer

Who we are -

XcelMoto has been engaging in Motorcycle Fairings industry since June 2010 and has been recognized by most sportbike players and dealers as the No.1 Premium Quality Aftermarket Motorcycle Fairings producer. Using ultra virgin imported ABS Plastic and precision developed Injection Moulding process, we are able to produce OEM grade Motorcycle Fairings and Bodywork. We not only make the best Fairing Kits in the business but also provide 24/7 customer service and product solid guarantee. All our Fairings/Body Kits are given a perfect fitment guarantee, no modification, no drilling, no hassle. Just slip our fairing kit onto your bike as easy as your OEM ones slipped off.

What we do -

XcelMoto only produce High Quality Motorcycle Fairings. Each and every Fairing Set that leaves our factory is manufactured from Japan imported ABS plastic and injected with precision developed injection moulding machine. The material and moulding process is exact the same as OEM Fairings and painted using our unique seven step professional painting process.

Due to our superior production process and techniques, our fairing kit is the most thick and durable aftermarket fairing kit in the industry, ensuring that you have a fantastic looking fairing kit for years to come. With our special Heat Shield protection added to every lower side fairing, you are certainly protected against any and all heat emitted from your motorcycle.

How we Operate -

Each and every fairing kit that leaves our factory is made to order,so you can get one regular paint scheme motorcycle fairing kit that shown in our store or make one custom fairing kit to stand out from others. It usually takes around 15 calendar days for the full production of a fairing kit. That process includes the moulding of the fairing kit, prep work and full professional paint process. Once a fairing kit has been produced it goes through the quality control stage, which allows time for our professionals to use UV light to check the surface of every single part of the fairing kit for minor imperfections that can be corrected before shipment. Once a fairing kit is finished, photos are sent over to the registered email address to request approval of the design before dispatch.

Shipping -    

Once a fairing kit has been approved and given the ‘Okay’, we load the fairing kit into our specially fabricated XcelMoto box. Our box is made very strong to ensure maximum protection during the shipment process. Fairing kit is then sent to our preferred express shipping agent. Please allow around 7 calendar days for the full delivery of a fairing kit. Tracking number is usually issued within 24 hours of shipment of the fairing kit, if you still have not received a tracking number for your kit drop us an email using the " Contact Us " page and we will be more then happy to assist you.

Returns -

At XcelMoto, we are able to offer a service that others simply cant. We believe that when you pay around 500 US dollar for a product, you deserve to not only get the product that you ordered, but the service and product that you want. We understand that your precious cargo isn't always everyone else’s precious cargo and things can get tossed around during shipment, we don’t want you to have to pay for other peoples mistakes. At XcelMoto we offer a 100% fitment and paint guarantee. If any part arrives at your door and you are not completely satisfied with the fitment or the paint job, we will replace the parts free of charge. All we ask is that upon delivery of the fairing kit, please diligently check over the fairing kit for any defects and imperfections within 72 hours. Please also kindly send photos of any defected parts to us with a description, so we can quickly start the process of getting new parts sent out to you.

In the event that you wish to return your fairing kit to us, that's also not a problem. If you receive a fairing kit and simply aren't happy with the design, send it right on over back to us and we will offer you a refund. Due to the process of us sending over photos of the fairing kit before shipping to ensure that we have the perfect design for you, we do charge a 25% restocking fee of any fairing kit returned without defect.

Sponsorship -

We are always looking for new riders, and new sponsorship opportunities. If you have a Youtube channel, work closely with a forum or even race motorcycles. Drop us a message and lets see what we can work out. On the other hand, if your just looking for a discount on your fairing kit in exchange for our logo on your motorcycle we are always keen to offer that too, just drop us a message and we will be more than happy to assist.

- XcelMoto Team -